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 Water-foam fire fighting vehicle
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Airport runway foam spray vehicle

Super big capacity
Super highLy efficiency
Super strong protection

Important prevention and fire fighting vehicles aiming at plane forced landing
If the plane must be forced to land because of accident, airframe or airfoil usually wipe out plenty of spark on the ground, which is easy to lead the big fire disater , even explosion, especially when the wheel can not work, the possibility of the risk is bigger.
Yongqiang Auld Lang Real runway spray vehicle is designed accroding to the special situation. It can build a fireproof region whose area is nearly 40,000 square meter on the runway in several minutes, which can ensure that there is no spark from the rub between the plane and ground when the plane is forced to land, to reduce the risk that cause big fire disater for the plane forced landing.
The fireproof region is carried out by nearly 2 kilometer length, about 20 meters width, approx 5cm fire fighting foam. Runway spray vehicle can carry 35000 litre water and 5000 liter foam, whose capability of sparing foam is equivalent to sum of the 40 units normal foam fire fighting vehicles.

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