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CST compound materail structure

Significantly increase the fire fighting vehicle capacity
Significant promote passenger safety
Simply and fast maintainance
Humanistic profile design

Yongqiang Alud Lang Real bring a new independent technique-- Composite material structure technique. CST is revolutionary technique. It use the nonmetal composite
material instead of the traditional metal material, which brings the outstanding advantage.
CST technique improves the working capacity of the fire fighting vehicle. Firstly, it enlarge the capacity of the fire fighting vehicle. The capacity of the traditional metal fire fighting vehicle with 6x4 drive chassis is only 16m3, but the one that adopts the CST technique can enlarge the capacity at least 12.5%,(reaching 18m3 or above). The vehicle that adopts CST technique with 8x4 drive can have at least 24m3 capacity. In addition, CST technique can endure acid and alkali. The CST fire fighting vehicle have the a wider appliance compared with the traditional metal fire fighting vehicle. CST fire fighting vehicle can work at corrosive environment like the chemical plant fire site and corrosive fire fighting medium like seawater.
Fireman bear the heavy responsibility of ensuring people life and property safety. Theirselve life security can not be neglected too. CST technique improves the stoutness of the cab, which the traditional technique cannot reach, so that make sure fireman life security extremely.
Simply and fast maintenance is another CST technical highlight. CST productsa re very enduring and corrosive resistant, so it not nesscary to maintain the CST product. If it is damaged by accident, it is only to repair in damaged part, not to do with other parts.
Composite material has outstanding advance compared with the metal material in the field of the modeling, which can be unboundedly designed special profile according to the customer's requirement. We can supply unique profile design for customer, with which other excellent technics, supplying the customer the real and outstanding products.

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