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omplete aluminium alloy frameless structure

Complete aluminium alloy material
Weight loss of more than 30%
Unique adhesive technique

Fully aluminium alloy frameless structure is Yongqiang Auld Lang Real unique fire fighting superstructure technique. It has the character of light weight, long longevity and no stress deformation, compared with traditional steel structure.
This technique completely adopts the aluminium alloy material, laser cutting , discarding traditional welding and adopting national unique adhesive process to shape. The superstructure of the fire fighting vehicle can reduce by 30% weight, and has not welding stress so that it can avoid deformation. It adopts the high buffering spring bracing between the superstructure and chassis, strengthening the performance of off-road vehicle on sinkable terrain and working capacities on the bumpy roads, improving the security, stability, and lengthening service life.

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