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Compressing air foam system

400 meters vetical lift
Advanced A foam
High effective fire fighting

Studies show that if use water to put out fire, the factual fire fighting efficiency is only 5%-10%, most of the water is waste, the other plenty of water also cause damage to the building.
Yongqiang Auld Lang Real's compressed air foam system can solve the problem well. It can produce advanced foam by adding highly effective vesicant and compressed air, It join the efficient foaming agent in water and compressed air, producing excellent foam. On the one hand, it plays the effect of water absorption; the other foam can be attached to the tinder for a long time, cutting off the air, to achieve the purpose of flame retardant.
High building in city is alway a big prolbem for fire fighting. Our compressed air foam system can deliver the foam to 400 meters height, indeed sloving the difficulty of high building fire fighting. We use highly effective A foam.The Foam can be keeped discomposed under fire situation to keep effect to put fire out. Meanwhile, it can reduce the wastage of plenty of water, improving the fire fighting effect and reducing huilding damage.
Our compressed air foam system is tested at the top of TIANJING tower with 336 meters height and is really effective fire fighting equipment of high buildings.

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