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A200 superhigh pressure fire fighting system

200 bar pressure 
200 litre/minute 
100 meters throw range

Yongqiang Alad Lang Real exclusively bring A200, which is a new fire fighting system, and breaks the tradtion that long-rang must be big flow, and achieves the breakthrough that small flow can have long-range.
A200 system pressure reaches to 200 bar, which is highest in the world and 20 times than normal system, and is not less than one times than other high pressure system. High pressure brings with outstanding performance. A200 can reach 50 meters throw range under flow rate 200 litre per minute. Other conventional systems, in the same range of flow rate, are in more than 3000 litres per minute. In the range of 100m, A200 is only 1000 litres/minute of flow, while other regular system requires over 8000 litres/minute.
Its outstanding water mist is another character. The diameter of its dripping is only 0.15mm. It should be 1mm or more for common system.
In addition, A200 has the unique vechile mounted cannon that could be 360 degree visual rotation, which matches equipment of camera shooting and light equipment.
The fireman can accurately control the cannon by visually controled panel in cab.
A200 has plenty of expanded function, which can easily develop into high water cannon, front spray gun, and holding water gun.
A200 is top world new conception fire fighting system, whose advanced performance brings a new idea in the field of our Country and even global fire fighting area.
It can not be new neglectable power in the field of fire fighting.

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